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Mrs. Macmillan (Fourth Grade)

Welcome to 4th Grade 2020-2021

Welcome to 4th Grade 2020-2021


    I hope your summer has been filled with fun and relaxation. This has been a quieter summer than usual for my family, but was a much needed break. Our first adventure was a day trip to Lake Geneva with a perfect lake view picnic. In July we spent 10 days in Myrtle Beach, SC, to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We soaked up the sun during the day and walked the boardwalk at night. Throughout the summer, we enjoyed hanging out with our granddaughters. My daughter and I managed to do some lunch and antique shopping, which we both love. The extra free time in the summer allows me to catch up on reading for enjoyment. I think my favorite book was, Silver Shoes.  I look forward to hearing about all of your summer adventures.


    In June, summer seems as though it will last so long, but very quickly the next school year is upon us. I hope you are as excited for school to start as I am! My second favorite movie, You’ve Got Mail, has a great line where the main character says he loves New York in the fall. It makes him want to send a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. A new school year is a fresh start, a new chance, a great beginning, and a time to set goals and try new things. We will grow and learn together in 4th grade.


This year we will be using several exciting tools to communicate and do our work. Seesaw is a tool that we will use to share work with families, peers, and teachers. I will also use Seesaw to communicate directly with parents. Google Classroom will be used to provide resources for students as well as serve as a platform for us to access and organize our work. 


See you soon! 

Nina Macmillan