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Student Support Team

Top Row Left to Right:  Kim Regalado, Administrative Assistant;  Shona Davé, Social Worker; Karen Stornello, OT; Rebecca Garretson, LBS Teacher; Dawn Winkelman, Director of Student Services; Megan McDermott, LBS Teacher; Melissa Doucet, Instructional Coordinator

Bottom Row Left to Right: Jessica Peters, Psychologist; LouAnne Ooton, Speech; Trisha Martinez, Nurse; Stephen Rogers, LBS TeacherStudent Support Team

In keeping with the overall mission of the Winfield School District, the Student Support Team works in partnership with parents and community members in order to meet the academic, physical, and social emotional needs of all of our students.  

We strive to create a respectful learning environment that promotes active engagement, continual learning, and skills to become productive members of the community.  While we support a philosophy of inclusion, we are committed to providing a continuum of placement and service options to support the individual needs of each student.

The SST works with students, families and staff  to provide support  in  the areas of academic and social-emotional development.

We support students through formalized problem solving teams, 504 Plan teams, and IEP teams. These teams monitor the success of individual students and groups of students. The teams make recommendations around academic, social, emotional, and behavioral interventions or supports to increase a student's access and success in the general education curriculum.

The members of the SST include:

  • Director of Student Services

  • Psychologist

  • Social Worker

  • Speech and Language Pathologist

  • Learning Behavior Specialists

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Teacher of English Language Learners

  • Reading Specialist

  • Gifted Teacher

  • Nurse

The district also has access to additional specialists from our special education cooperative (SASED): Vision Itinerant, Hearing Itinerant, Physical Therapist, Assistive Technology Consultant, Behavior Specialist.