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Compliance & Operations Information

Building Rental Forms

To apply for using the building, click here for the forms.

Student Online Personal Protection Act

In August of 2017, the State of Illinois instituted the 105 ILCS/85 Student Online Personal Protection Act. This law, with full effective implementation date of July 1, 2021, requires all Illinois school districts reach agreements with their operators, regardless of whether services are “free” or paid for in order to delineate their relationship, identify what data is being collected, what data is being used, and how that data is being treated. Here is a list of operators the district either has agreements with or is working to establish agreements with.

Filing a Grievance

A grievance form should be used if informal attempts to resolve a concern have been unsuccessful.  A completed form is to be submitted to the Complaint Manager (Superintendent or Becky First).


Grievance Form

Curriculum Objection Form

Highly Qualified Teachers

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) emphasizes the importance of teacher quality in improving student achievement and requires each State Educational Agency (SEA) to develop and implement a plan to help local educational agencies (LEAs) within the state ensure that public school teachers are highly qualified by the end of the 2005-2006 school year. NCLB requires LEAs to ensure that public elementary school teachers are highly qualified to teach the basic elementary school curricula, and that junior high, middle and secondary school teachers are highly qualified to teach each core academic subject teaching assignment. The core academic subjects are defined as the following: English, reading or language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, history, geography, and fine arts.

All teachers in the Winfield School District meet the highly qualified requirements.

Sex Offender Visitor Management and Screening System

District 34 uses an electronic screening system for all visitors using a web-based sex offender database. All visitors during regular school hours must bring a driver’s license or other state issued ID the first time they come to visit.

Total Enrollment Including 504 and IEP

Click here for enrollment.

Pest Management

Click here for information and ways to receive notification regarding the Winfield 34 Integrated Pest Management plan.

Health Care Transparency of Coverage

Click here for information regarding Winfield 34's transparency of coverage in relationship to the No Surprises Act.