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Energizing Student Potential

8th Grade Natural Resources Study

The 8th graders worked in small groups to research four different geoscenarios: coal, petroleum, glaciers and geothermal activity at Yellowstone. After they shared their presentations with their classmates, it was off to the lab to investigate methods of extracting fossil fuels from the ground. 

7th Grade Wind Turbine Blade Investigation

7th grade students conducted investigations with wind turbines. They explored how the pitch of the blade affected the output of energy using a voltmeter. They also explored the results from changing the size and shape of the blades, the number of blades, and also the material that the blades were constructed from. Finally, some students put their blades to the test by seeing how much weight the turbine could lift.

Energizing Student Potential

Winfield Central School received the Energizing Student Potential grant this year. For more information about this initiative, please read this press release: ESP Press Release Final.pdf

Energy Fair

Mark your calendars for the evening of April 6, 2017! The 6th-8th grade students will be sharing all that they have learned about energy throughout the year at our first ever Energy Fair. The fair will be held in the gym in conjunction with our annual Literacy Night. Be sure to stop by! Visitors will be provided with passports that will be stamped at various exhibits and energy themed carnival games. Completed passports can be exchanged for prizes. Stop by and find out about energy resources, see the students' STEM projects,  and find out how you can conserve energy at home.