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Mrs. Rebecca First


Mrs. Rebecca First (MS Language Arts)

Welcome to middle school Language Arts! As a teacher here for the past five years, I have loved connecting and building relationships with our students every day!

When instructing students in reading and writing, I take a student-centered approach. I want to learn their skills, areas to grow, and interests, and I use that information to design our daily curriculum. Our goal is to become proficient and passionate learners! In saying that, we highly value independent reading. We visit the library each week to select books at our level and interest which challenge us and help us grow.

On this page you’ll find links to materials we use regularly including our updated curriculum plan for grades 6-8, the link to our Google Classroom page which is where most assignments, notes, videos, and information are kept, and our 6-8 class homework document that is updated after each class with the students, daily.

Mrs. Rebecca First

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