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CERES Food Group                      630-909-4982

Jan Lee - Team Leader at Winfield School Cafeteria

Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.



Food Services

Info from Mrs. Lee from the Cafeteria: 
There are a lot of changes in the way we are handling hot lunch this
year. Hopefully the following will explain these changes. Teachers will take and submit orders for food, drinks and cookies in the morning. There is no changing the order after it has been submitted.
All lunch meals come with a main entree, fruit, vegetable and choice
of drink. $3.00 . You can find the menu on our website.
We are offering additional drinks or just drinks for $.50.
On Fridays (only) there is a choice of a cookie (no choice) $.50.
Some of the students think that the cookie is part of the lunch meal.
It is not. Last Friday, some students said they wanted a cookie (really
who wouldn’t :)) and had no money on their account. Please have a
conversation with your child if they are allowed to buy a cookie on
Fridays. For questions on the hot lunch program contact
Jan Lee at


 2020-2021 monthly RECIPES from jan lee 

BLT WRAP (August)

Apple Cobbler (September) 

Wormy Orange Punch (October)

Hamburger Helper  (November)

Russian Tea Cakes (December)

Beef Stew  (January)

Valentine Cherry Bars   (February)  

Chicken Salad  (March)

Chocolate Cake (April)  

Pea Salad (May/June)


Account Information

Meal Time                                                                                                        is the gateway to your student's cafeteria accounts. A MealTime Online account allows you to make a deposit into your student's MealTime account, or simply view your child's lunchtime purchases. Mealtime is only used for online deposits.

Information about the Mealtime app is now available here.                                                                                                                                                         

Pay By Check                                                                                               

If you are depositing money in to your account using a check, please address the check to "Ceres Hot Lunch Program".  Mealtime is only used for online deposits. Credit Card Companies will sometimes charge a fee for their service.  There is no fee when sending in a check or cash with your student.  If you have any questions, please contact Jan Lee at 630-909-4982.