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Steve Kahlfeldt
Contact Information

Mr. Steve Kahlfeldt



Middle School Daily Assignments

Homework is written on front whiteboard in classroom & MS daily assignments and students copy into assignment notebook. Teacherease is updated fairly regularly, especially bigger projects and assessments.

Daily Materials
Materials needed each day for all 6th-8th grade students include assignment notebook, folder (with looseleaf), notebook, textbook (6&8), and pen.
Grading Scale
a 90 - 100%
b 80 - 89%
c 70 - 79%
d 60 - 69%
f 0 - 59%

Mr. Steve Kahlfeldt (MS Social Studies)

About Me...

I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was in grade school (St. Michael's Wheaton).  I remember dressing up for Career Day in 5th grade and then visiting the education booth at the Career Fair when attending St. Francis High School (Wheaton).  I worked towards it when I completed my undergraduate history and education courses at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign ('98), and it became a reality that September when I joined the staff at St. John the Baptist in Winfield for three years.  After two years at St. James in Glen Ellyn, I was hired here at Winfield in August 2003.  After two years of PE, I finally got my dream job of teaching Social Studies.  I've had fun ever since and was able to get my Masters in Literacy from Northern Illinois University ('09).  I am married with two daughters and a lab.  

Learning Experiences

Integrated Routines

All 6th-8th:  Daily Herald Mondays (Rotating print, website and digital version), CNN student news Wednesdays, Geography Questions Thursdays and Fridays.  

Units of Study

6th Grade: Ancient Civilizations

7th Grade: Geography, Economics, US Government.  There are weekly geography reports (countries, states, landforms, water features, US and world cities) and takehome map quizzes.    
8th grade: IL Government and Constitution, US History (1788 to the Present)
Annual Events
September - 6th Grade classroom culture sharing & archaeology dig project
October - Illinois State Representative presentation for 8th graders
October - 7th Grade Starved Rock Field Trip - Utica, IL
November - Mock election & other election themed projects every other year
November - 8th Grade Springfield Field Trip - Springfield, IL
November - 6th Grade Stone Age skit presentations
December - Classroom level competition of National Geographic Bee
January - School level competition of National Geographic Bee
March - 6th Grade Field Museum Field Trip - Chicago, IL
March - Action figure mummification with 6th graders
April - Ancient Greek Olympics with 6th graders
May - Weeklong US Society Group Presentations by 8th graders
June - 7th Grade US Constitution & Government Test
June - Holocaust Survivor presentation for 8th graders