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Laura Kahlfeldt


Laura Kahlfeldt

Sra. Kahlfeldt (Spanish)

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our Spanish classroom!
I am very excited to be here in District 34 teaching 3rd-8th grade Spanish! This is my 22nd year in District 34 and my 25th year of teaching.  It is always amazing for me to see the growth and proficiency in our students from the time they first enter our classroom as 3rd graders to the time they graduate and move on to high school.  Please practice your speaking skills as much as possible.  Watch videos and listen to music in Spanish and try to understand the main ideas.  Most importantly have fun learning the language!  
For information on homework assignments, due dates, or test/quiz dates please refer to
Assignments are also listed in the classroom on the "Mega Planner" located in the front of the classroom. Students are reminded to update their assignment notebooks at the beginning of each Spanish class.
Policies & Procedures
Middle School students are expected to bring to class each day the following: a three ring binder, Realidades textbook and workbook, and their assignment notebook.
Students are expected to follow policies and procedures which are outlined in the online Parent/Student Handbook and are also visible in our classroom.
Spanish 1

Spanish 1 at the middle school level?  That's right!  Our Middle School students are using Realidades as our Spanish 1 curriculum. This is the same curriculum Community High School uses with their Spanish classes. One of the goals of our Spanish program here at Winfield is for our students to move directly in to Spanish 2 their freshman year.  If they continue studying Spanish throughout high school, this will allow for them to take Spanish 5 their senior year!  Way to go tigers!!  

6th Grade Spanish

6th graders begin the year by learning/reviewing "the basics." Everything from "¡Hola!" to "¡Hasta luego!"

Our unit themes include:

leisure-time activities we take part in outside of the classroom

expressing our likes/dislikes

adjectives to describe ourselves and others

classroom based vocabulary

beginning sentence structure and conjugating -ar verbs

7th Grade Spanish

7th graders begin the school year by reviewing previously learned vocabulary and grammar based skills.

Our themes throughout the year include:

foods and beverages for lunch and dinner

ways to maintain ones health

expressing likes and dislikes

locations in our community

leisure time activities

8th Grade Spanish

8th graders begin the school year by reviewing previously learned material. 8th grade students are encouraged to speak as much Spanish as they can while in the classroom, and of course outside of the classroom as well! 

Themes we study throughout the year include:

family, including common celebrations and parties

character traits

restaurant based vocabulary

rooms of the home



shopping and prices

** We end the year just before graduation with a true Mexican fiesta!

Annual Events

sept/oct - US Hispanic Heritage Month Sept 15 - Oct15

16 septiembre - Día de Independencia (Mexico)

1 noviembre - Día de los Muertos

25 diciembre - La Navidad

5 mayo - Cinco de Mayo

mayo - 8th grade fiesta

Resources and Links

Here are a few websites you can visit for FUN!!! :)

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Garden of Praise

Spanish Resources

Picture Dictionary