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Middle School (6-8)

In Winfield, we are proud to offer a comprehensive learning experience to each of our students. Our team works diligently to get to know each child academically and socially, structuring learning experiences to help our children grow. Students learn core concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.  Middle School students participate in Physical Education daily (42 minutes each period). During sixth grade, students study Art two days per week (42 minutes each period) for a semester and during seventh grade, students study Music two days per week (42 minutes each period) for a semester.  In both sixth and seventh grade, students participate in a semester of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) two days per week (42 minutes each period). Students also study Spanish in middle school. Students in sixth and seventh grades study three days per week (42 minutes each period) for a semester. Eighth grade students study Spanish daily (42 minutes each period). Additionally, middle school students may participate in our band program which includes both lessons and rehearsals. Lessons and rehearsals occur during the school day.