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Archived Board Briefs

Below is a list of Winfield District 34 Board of Education Briefs, a summary of each Board of Education Meeting. Click on the date of the Board Meeting you wish to view.

2021-22 Board Briefs

2020-21 Board Briefs

2019-20 Board Briefs

2018-19 Board Briefs

2017-18 Board Briefs 

2016-17 Board Briefs

2015-16 Board Briefs

2014-15 Board Briefs

2013-14 Board Briefs

2012-13 Board Briefs

Agendas, Briefs, Minutes, and Videos

Board Briefs

2022-23 Board Briefs

Board Agendas and Minutes

Beginning  June  2012, Board documents (agendas and approved minutes) are available to view on BoardBook by clicking here.

Closed Session Minutes available for public inspection click here.

2022-2023 Board Briefs

MAY Board Meeting

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023  Joint Boards of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. Location: District 94 Learning Resource Center  Agenda

On Thursday, May 25 Regular Board of Education Meeting   7:00 p.m. Agenda Location: Cafeteria  We will be taking public comment both in person and from the google form.    We will be live streaming on Facebook Live, please click here to see the video.