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Policy Manual

Winfield School District 34 Policy Manual

To view individual policies, click on a section title below. A pdf document will open in a new window with active links on the left side of the page that lead to individual policies.

To locate a specific policy found in the Index:

  • The first number in the numbers preceding the policy is the section the policy is found in. For example, 2.011 would be found in section 2. Click to that section.
  • The last three numbers refer to the specific policy in the section. For example 2.011 would be found in Section 2, scroll down the column on the left to locate policy 2.011 to review.

Section 1: School District Organization     
Section 2: School Board
Section 3: General School Administration
Section 4: Operational Services
Section 5: Personnel
Section 6: Instruction
Section 7: Students
Section 8: School/Community Relations