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Uniform Purchasing

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Grading Standard - 5th - 8th Grades
  • 10 % - P.R.I.D.E. Grade
  • 20% - P.E./Health Assessments
  • 70% - Participation


Mrs. Honaker & Mr. Serbick (Physical Education & MS Health)

Daily Dress - Middle School

Middle School students are required to change into their physical education uniforms daily. If the students are unable to bring their uniform on a particular day, please make sure they bring and appropriate alternative outfit, along with a parental note explaining the reason.

Health Units - Middle School


The health units will take place once a week throughout the school year.  Starting in September and running through December the students will participate in the program Second Step Curriculum (  There are 13 lessons for the 7th and 8th grade and 15 lessons for the 6th grade. 


The topics for discussion are:

  • Empathy and Communication
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Emotion Management
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Problem-solving (6th only)
  • Goal Setting (8th grade only)

Mrs. Peters will be presenting to the 6th grade, Mrs. Dave will be presenting to the 7th and 8th grades.            


Each month we will discuss a new topic with our students beginning in January (once the topics above have concluded).  We will utilize health handouts/worksheets, magazines, current events and videos along with classroom discussions.  Students will be assigned a variety of projects and/or assignments to enhance their learning.  Some topics will require homework as well as a final quiz or test to assess their understanding. 


Overview of areas for discussion:

  • January:  Cardiovascular and Respiratory System
  • February: The Skeletal System
  • March:  The Muscular System
  • April:  Nutrition
  • May:   6th The 5 senses
  •  7th & 8th The Nervous System
  • Steroid abuse unit (recommended by the state for 6 – 8  on a 3-year rotation)