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Preschool Staff

Lauren Manka

Mrs. Lauren Manka, Teacher,  joined the Winfield School District 34 in fall of 2017. She comes with over six years of teaching experience in Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs.  She has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Illinois State University, as well as a Special Education endorsement and English Second Language endorsement. She is our teacher for both morning and afternoon sessions.  

Kris Taylor
 Mrs. Kris Taylor ,Paraprofessional, Mrs. Kris Taylor has been a Paraprofessional at Winfield Schools since 2002.  With an Elementary Education degree from Northern Illinois University she has worked with children of all ages.  Preschool aged children are among her favorites.

Kayla Middel

Kayla Middel, Speech/Language Pathologist

Speech and Language support is a part of the Early Childhood education provided at Winfield School District 34. Our speech/language pathologist supports students with identified speech and language needs who have an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.), as well as the at-risk and typically developing students through consultation, play activities, language groups, song and movement. Our speech/language pathologist is also a member of our screening and play-based assessment team. 
Shona Dave
Mrs. Shona Dave, Social Work
 The social worker supports the social and emotional growth of students through weekly group lessons and regular consultation with the preschool teachers. Additionally, the social worker serves as the parent coordinator for the pre-school program and assists parents and caregivers in addressing concerns related to a child’s social/emotional growth and development, and acts as a liaison between home and school. Our social worker also participates as a member of the screening and play-based assessment team.  
SASED Staff Who Also Work with our Students:
Erin Epley
Erin Epley, Occupational Therapy
At Winfield School District 34, the occupational therapist collaborates with the preschool team for problem-solving and providing quality programming including promoting developmentally appropriate play, social, and self-care skills, and providing opportunities for fine motor development. The occupational therapist is part of the play-based assessment team and provides services to children with special education eligibility.
Lysa Farrell
Lysa Farrell, Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are available to those students who exhibit mobility deficits that impede their ability to safely and independently access their educational environment. The physical therapist works with students, teachers, and staff to promote and/or make accommodations for students’ optimal physical performance and participation within the educational environment. This may include playground and physical education settings, proper seating and positioning within the classroom, and general mobility throughout the school day.  The physical therapist is part of the play-based assessment team and provides services to children with special education eligibility.