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Mrs. Ooton
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Mrs. Ooton

(630) 909-4815

Speech and Language

Mrs. Ooton's Speech Corner

Hello, and welcome to my corner of the district!  I have been a certified speech/language pathologist since 1981. I graduated from Elmhurst College in 1979 and received my Masters in Communication Arts and Sciences from Western Illinois University in 1981.  I have also completed the coursework and requirements for school administration.I joined the Winfield 34 family in August 2006 and enjoy working with all students in various capacities. Prior to 2006, I spent many years as an autism specialist and working with students with severe communication needs.

I work with students who have identified special education eligibility, with an I.E.P., as well those who may need a little work on one or two specific sounds through the Response to Intervention model. I also am the facilitator for the Early Childhood Program (Tiger Cubs Preschool).

Speech and Language Services

School based Speech/Language services are not intended to take the place of private therapy.  In the school setting, the Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP) focuses on improving a student’s ability to communicate in their educational program. Some of the areas which a school-based SLP may focus on can include:

o    Articulation (how students make their speech sounds)

o    Receptive Language (how well students understand what is said to them)

o    Expressive Language (how well students can say what they want to say)

o    Pragmatics (How students use their language in day to day or social ways)

o    Fluency (also known as stuttering)

School-based speech therapy may be delivered in the classroom to support a student’s educational needs.  Younger students often benefit and generalize skills more easily through play, music and movement activities, while primary and intermediate students may benefit from speech services that help support literacy.  If a student’s needs requires a different delivery model, services may be provided through sessions outside of the classroom either individually or in small groups.   

The SLP also supports teachers in developing programming for unique communication challenges such as augmentative communication devices, picture schedules, and/or sign language.