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Student Support Team Members

Dawn Winkelman

Dawn Winkelman, Director of Student Services - 630-909-4909

Kayla Middel, Speech-Language Pathologist/Early Childhood Facilitator - 630-909-4915 Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters, School Psychologist/Intervention Specialist Facilitator - 630-909-4964Shona Dave

Shona Dave, Social Worker/Homeless Liaison - 630-909-4917

Stephen Rogers
 Stephen Rogers, Learning/Behavior Specialist - 630-909-4962

Megan McDermott

Megan McDermott, Learning/ Behavior Specialist - 630-909-4912

Rebecca Garretson

Rebecca Garretson, Learning/ Behavior Specialist - 630-909-4916

Melissa Doucet

Melissa Doucet, Instructional Coordinator - 630-909-4955


SASED Therapy Services

Hearing Itinerant:  Ashley Lohrenz

Physical Therapist:  Lysa Farrell

Occupational Therapist: Erin Epley