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Trisha Martinez

Registered Nurse

(630) 909-4935 and -4940

Health Services

Health Services

Nurse Martinez
Welcome to the Winfield School Health Services website.  Good health is an essential part of a student’s success--both in and out of school.  We hope you’ll find this information helpful in addressing the health and/or medical concerns of your student.   Please contact the health office any time we can be of assistance.  You may reach us at 630-909-4935 or by e-mail at

Trisha Martinez, RN

State Required Immunization Data Overview

Immunization Summary-Primary

Immunization Summary-Central

Immunization Exemptions

Head Lice Information

Head lice can occur at any time of year and can happen to ANYONE.  Thankfully, they do not pose any serious health risk.  Please be vigilant about checking your child’s head from time to time.  A tell-tale sign of possible lice would be if someone is scratching their head a lot.  Winfield School’s policy is as follows:  students with live lice are not allowed in school; if a student is found with live lice, they are sent home and not allowed to be re-admitted until they have been treated and found to have no more live lice.  Please refer to the “Head Lice Fact Sheet” for more information from the DuPage County Health Department.  There are over-the-counter remedies for lice as well as lice removal “salons” in the area.

Flu Information

For more information on slowing the spread of the flu click here.

Influenza Fact Sheet from the DuPage County Health Dept. here.

DuPage County Health Department

Immunization Clinics

Proper sharps disposal at home information here.

Winfield School District 2017-18 Body Mass Index Surveillance Report.

Click here to view.

Annual Wellness Committee

Per policy 6:50, the annual Wellness Committee Update Report is attached here.