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Mr. Wdowiarz (Fifth Grade)

About Mr. W


  • West Chicago Community High School, Class of 2001

  • B.S. Elementary Education, Northern Illinois University, 2006

  • M.A. Education in Reading, Olivet-Nazarene University, 2009

Educational Philosophy:

  • The role of the educator is to encourage, foster, and assess the progression of the student into a positive and active citizen of their local, state, and national communities.

Favorite Quotes:

  • "In this living world, the body that I give up and burn would be wretched if I thought of myself as anything but firewood." - Ryonen

  • "We write our own destiny.  We become what we do." - A fortune cookie

Extracurricular Activities:

  • I enjoy spending time with my wife and three sons.  I've been a guitar player for over 20 years. I play in and around the Chicagoland area.  I like to exercise, work on my house, and play video games, too!

5th Grade PRess

       This week the students embarked on an outstanding project in science class. The kids paired up with a partner and got to work with scissors, papers, and tri-fold boards! After doing the official experiment last week, everyone put all the information together and put it on their tri-fold board. Some students did an experiment where they saw how much weight in books could rip a Target  bag, Menards bag, and a Home Depot bags. Also, they did a spelling and vocabulary test. For the spelling, another student in your spelling group will make a video with all of the spelling words in it and you copy the words down spelled correctly and in the right column. Another thing is, for the vocabulary test, you basically fill in the blank with the right word. The spelling words consisted if words like, kernel, spearmint, and sermon.

Tri-fold prepartion

In social studies, we learned about early settlements, economy, and Day One for homework. one of the main things the students learned about was what animals you are able to train. They talked about A scientist who studies birds and went to New Guinea, and the first thing that the people of New Guinea asked, “Where did you get all of this tech?”. Also he did a study with 148 animals, and only 14/148 of the animals in the experiment you would be able to train. Also we learned about a 9,000 year old city in the country of Jordan were people there had to leave because they overused the landscape.

Also, the students did Spanish presentation for Hispanic Heritage Month. The presentations provided different information about different hispanic people. During the presentations there were people like Chi-Chi Rodriguez, Jenifer Lopez, and Victor Cruz included during the presentations. They were only able to get through about half of the class before having to leave the classroom due to the bell schedule. Sources say that they’re disappointed that they had to stop the presentations, but are fine with doing it next week in Spanish class.

Now onto P.E class where the students, ran four laps around the track in the back of the school. Then the students did some other  exercises that included, mountain climbers, line jumps, and walk-outs. Also this week they played many soccer games, but concluded the week with a classic game of Dr. Dodge. Mr Serbick, the P.E teacher told us that they would be changing up the games next week, but hasn’t decided on what to do for games next week.

          Art sketches  

In Art Class the students finished up their Cantigny drawings(picture shown above), and moved on to Still life drawing. In still life drawings, they got three to four things from the magic of the art room countertop and brought the supplies back to their desk and arranged so that the angle was good for everyone at that table. They got stuff like bowls, fake grapes, and mimi gumball machines. Once everything was set up and situated, the students got to work in their arts sketchbooks. 

In Math Class, the kids are crushing it! With Mr. W’s unique program, the kids work independently at their own pace so the don’t get stressed out. First the students watch a video, then they do a problem set for that level, then when you are ready, you may ask Mr. W for the test. Another thing is that, Mr. W during this period, is open to take any questions or anything about math. This week most of the students got to level 5.NBT.3.A which is great for the students!

When the students go to the library, they can include themselves in something called The Rebecca Caudill Award. That is where you can choose certain books and have a movie and pizza with friends. Some of the books include Refugee, The Blackthorn Key, and many more. Also, when we went to the library this week,The Blackthorn Key, and other classmates got, renewed, or returned other Rebecca Caudill books. Also some students worked on school work or unfinished homework during library. Lastly, the students went back to first grade to be assigned a first grade buddy to read with, during that time. They read many different types of books, from fiction books to non fiction books 

         So this concludes Mr. W and his classes’ exciting weekly report were the students presented their science projects, earned about early civilizations in Social Studies, presented Spanish projects, started new games in gym class, began still life drawings in art class, finished tests and math levels during the two given math periods, checked out Rebecca Caudill books in the library, and The 5th Grade Press Productions office hope that you enjoyed, and hope that you tune in for next week’s report and we’ll see you next week.

Audio and Book Picks

Read: Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron, Alexander Freed

I’m about one-third into the book, at the moment. The story takes place after the Battle of Endor, being the story of a series of different pilots who are coming together to hunt down a nefarious Imperial Fighter Squadron who is still resisting against the New Republic. Freed does a nice job depicting some of the internal conflict that ex-Imperial soldiers might have been dealing with. It’s not my favorite Star Wars book of all time, but I always loved the starfighters, and it’s a neat exploration of that pocket of the Star Wars Universe.

Read: American Nations, Colin Woodard

In an attempt to understand why the American political system is so divided, Colin Woodard analyzed by county voting and cultural trends across the entire country, and came up with 11 distinct cultural regions. His book analyzes how these groups have interacted over the course of American history from the pre-colonial era to our current, modern era. It’s a fascinating read which certainly helps the reader understand how we’ve got to this moment in history.

Listen: Megaman 2, Bit Brigade

Bit Brigade is such a cool band. Their show is must-see. First, they find a classic eight-bit Nintendo game, and break into the coding so that they can play the game without any music. Then, the band (two guitar players, a bassist, and a drummer) learns the music to the video game. The game is projected live in behind the band. Their sixth member “speed-runs” (or plays the game from beginning to end as fast as possible) the game live for the live audience while the band plays the music in time with the game. It’s incredible. My boys really like the Megaman tracks. I’m partial to the original Metroid game. But you should go see them. It’s awesome.