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Winfield School District 34

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    Winfield TIF 2 Map
    Winfield 34 Board Considers Village of Winfield's Proposed TIF 2 Development

    On April 29, 2020, the Village of Winfield proposed splitting the current Winfield TIF into two portions, TIF 1 which would operate through 2027 and TIF 2 which would be a new TIF and operate potentially through 2043. Since this time, the Winfield School District 34 has sought to learn more about the proposed TIF and how it would impact the financial future of Winfield School District 34 and the taxpayers of Winfield 34. 

    While the Winfield School District 34 has yet to take a formal position on the TIF, many important conversations have been had. Here are some of the resources the Board has used to learn more about the TIF 2 proposal:

    Instagram #Winfield34

    Summer communication Parent updates

    Summer Hours in Winfield School District #34

    Given the unique nature of our current public health situation our Administrative staff have the option to work from home this summer.  Administrative staff are in/out of the two buildings as needed. There are no set summer hours.

    Registration drop off is being accepted in the boxes outside Central School Office.  Those boxes are being checked daily.  The library book drop off box (grey container) is also being checked.

    If you are new to our school and would like information about our schools, verify residency, tour the buildings or need a registration packet please contact Sue Conrad at 

    For any additional needs that arise over the summer or if you have any questions please contact Matt Rich, Superintendent at or SueConrad, Administrative Assistant at and one of us will get back to you.

    FY21 Draft Budget for Display

    FY21 Budget Revenues (revised 7-2-20)

    FY21 Budget Expenditures (revised 7-2-20)

    June 30th Special Board Meeting

    Given the unique nature of our current public health situation, the Tuesday, June 30, 2020 meeting at 7pm of the Board of Education was held online. 

    The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

    Regular Board of Education Meeting  June 30, 2020 (7pm)

    Here is a recording of the Live Stream from the June 30, 2020 Regular Board of Education Meeting.

    Special Board Meetings - July 15th and July 23rd

    The Winfield Board of Education has added two special Board of Education meetings. On July 15, 2020 the Board of Education will meet at 7pm and the Board will tentatively focus conversations on needs for reopening school and Winfield TIF 2. On July 23, 2020 the Board of Education will meet at 6:55pm and the Board will tentatively focus conversations on a Public Hearing for the district's E-Learning plan, facility needs and potential referendum, and reopening school

    Currently we believe these meetings will be online given the current CoVID-19 pandemic and can be watched via Livestream. 

    Here is the link to watch the meeting via Livestream for the July 15th meeting. One can login to see it using their student's login credentials. Additionally, from 6:30pm that day through the end of the Board Meeting, there will be a guest login for the meeting to livestream:


    Password: Winfield34

    This will only work during this time slot for viewing the Board Meeting only.

    Public Comments for the meeting can be submitted using this google form.

    Additionally, members of the Board of Education will also be at the Winfield Central Commons and members of the public who wish to observe the meeting or participate in public comment can attend the meeting there provided they wear masks and follow social distancing protocols.


    Winfield 34 Drama Presents Baker Street Irregulars

    This year's Winfield Drama performance, Baker Street Irregulars is being presented as a miniseries. Check back each week as we add new episodes of this dazzling performance.


    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

    Episode 9

    Episode 10

    Full length production

    E-Learning information

    District 34 E- Learning Framework  can be found here.

    Science Olympiad

    Winfield Central competed in their first ever regional Science Olympiad tournament on Saturday, February 29th. They earned a 6th place medal in Elastic Launched Glider, a 4th Place medal in Meteorology, and a bid to the State Tournament at University of Illinois. Go Team!!

    Science Olympiad
    Support Winfield Education Foundation

    Join the Winfield Education Foundation  as we work towards the amazing Winfield Studios project. Check out more information on the Winfield Education Foundation webpage. 


    Donations to the Winfield Education Foundation can be made here.

    Latest Happenings in Winfield 34
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    This week in Winfield Studios, learn more about the Winfield Studios Project!!!

    Who To Contact at Winfield 34?

    Click here for a list of people who you would contact for common questions.

    Winfield Primary School
    Winfield 34 Considers Referendum for Facility Improvements

    The Winfield School District 34 Board of Education is considering a referendum for the following categories of facility improvements:

    • Security Enhancements at Winfield Primary & Central
    • Replacement of Windows at Winfield Primary from 1950's & 60's
    • Replace aged HVAC at Winfield Primary and Central
    • Replace roofs near end of life at Winfield Central
    • Replace tile gym floor at Winfield Central

    For more information on the Board's considerations please consider these resources:

    Twitter #winfield34