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Winfield School District 34

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    Winfield TIF 2 Map
    Winfield 34 Board Considers Village of Winfield's Proposed TIF 2 Development

    On April 29, 2020, the Village of Winfield proposed splitting the current Winfield TIF into two portions, TIF 1 which would operate through 2027 and TIF 2 which would be a new TIF and operate potentially through 2043. Since this time, the Winfield School District 34 has sought to learn more about the proposed TIF and how it would impact the financial future of Winfield School District 34 and the taxpayers of Winfield 34. 

    While the Winfield School District 34 has yet to take a formal position on the TIF, many important conversations have been had. Here are some of the resources the Board has used to learn more about the TIF 2 proposal:

                    WINFIELD TIGERS

    Winter Tiger Times
    Winter Tiger Times

    Winfield schools Staff 2022-2023

    Winfield 34 Staff Photo
    Winfield 34's Position on TIF 2


    • “Support economic development and redevelopment in Winfield School District #34 that has a positive impact on the district;”

    • “Support partnerships with units of local government as outlined in its policy;”

    • “Oppose application of TIF funding for municipal development that does not increase the EAV in a commensurate manner for each taxing body without voter approval of the citizens of Winfield School District 34 for such municipal development.”

    • Source - Resolution on TIF - Winfield School District 34 - August 2021

    Click Here to view Winfield 34's January 27th Presentation on TIF 2

    Winfield 34 CoVID-19 Health and Transition Plan - Beginning February 21, 2022

    The Winfield 34 Board of Education approved the CoVID-19 Transition Plan at their Board Meeting on February 19th. Here is the transition plan.

    Who To Contact at Winfield 34?

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    Impacts of Potential School District Consolidation

    Frequently the legislature in Springfield proposes school district consolidation bills. This has been studied multiple times by Winfield School District 34 and neighboring districts Benjamin 25, West Chicago 33, and CHSD 94. Studies have taken place in the 80's, 90's, and the most recent study was completed in 2009. Here is the executive summary and full study that was completed by the outside firm. Each study has resulted with the recommendation not to consolidate.

    For the Winfield 34 community, consolidation would mean:

    • Increased property taxes (approximately 25%)
    • Increased class sizes
    • Increased transportation costs
    • Loss of local control

    This presentation goes more in depth regarding the potential impacts of school consolidation on Winfield 34.

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