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Winfield School District 34

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    Winfield TIF 2 Map
    Winfield 34 Board Considers Village of Winfield's Proposed TIF 2 Development

    On April 29, 2020, the Village of Winfield proposed splitting the current Winfield TIF into two portions, TIF 1 which would operate through 2027 and TIF 2 which would be a new TIF and operate potentially through 2043. Since this time, the Winfield School District 34 has sought to learn more about the proposed TIF and how it would impact the financial future of Winfield School District 34 and the taxpayers of Winfield 34. 

    While the Winfield School District 34 has yet to take a formal position on the TIF, many important conversations have been had. Here are some of the resources the Board has used to learn more about the TIF 2 proposal:

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    Moody's Upgrades Winfield 34 Bond Rating

    This week Moody’s completed their annual analysis of our financial position. This year they have made the decision to upgrade our general obligation unlimited tax (GOULT) rating to Aa3 from A1. This means that if the Winfield School District 34 community were to approve our referendum, we would be eligible for better financing rates and have an easier time selling our bond. While analyzing our debt rating is an annual process, upgrading our financial status does not occur very often. We are glad to have been recognized for our solid financial practices that have put us in a position to minimize the cost of borrowing for our community. Here is the full credit opinion developed by Moody’s.

    Winfield 34 CoVID-19 Learning Plan

    Here is the Winfield 34 CoVID 19 Learning Plan. The focus of this plan is to highlight the procedures for in person learning during this pandemic. 

    In Person and Remote Learning Q & A

    Here is a recording of the September 28th Question and Answer session on in person and remote learning options in Winfield School District 34.

    Free flu shot at walgreens

    Get a free flu shot at Walgreens.  Flyer with information attached here.

    Winfield 34 Drama Presents Baker Street Irregulars

    This year's Winfield Drama performance, Baker Street Irregulars is being presented as a miniseries. Check back each week as we add new episodes of this dazzling performance.


    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

    Episode 9

    Episode 10

    Full length production

    E-Learning information

    District 34 E- Learning Framework  can be found here.

    Support Winfield Education Foundation

    Join the Winfield Education Foundation  as we work towards the amazing Winfield Studios project. Check out more information on the Winfield Education Foundation webpage. 


    Donations to the Winfield Education Foundation can be made here.

    Who To Contact at Winfield 34?

    Click here for a list of people who you would contact for common questions.

    Winfield Primary School
    Board of Education Candidate Process

    Winfield School District 34 has three seats on the Board of Education up for election this Spring. Individuals interested in becoming a candidate can begin the petition process starting September 22nd by clicking this link to get a packet and submitting it between December 14th and 21st to the DuPage County Clerk Election Division.

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