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Bluestem Award

Annually third-fifth grade students participate in the Bluestem Award Reading Challenge. Students read and reflect on a nominated group of books and vote in a statewide contest.

This year, nominated books can be found on this list.

Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award

Annually students in Winfield School District participate in the Rebecca Caudill Reading Challenge. Students in grades sixth through eighth read and reflect on a group of books each year based on their age and reading level. After reflecting, students vote for their favorites.

This year, nominated books can be found on this list.

Please contact Mrs. Bothwell at for the readers challenge requirements.


The Winfield Library Media Center provides services for all the students in Winfield school district, preschool through eighth grade. The LMC is located in the central school building. A short walk across Park Street brings the primary students to the library within minutes.

The LMC provides leisure reading materials and curriculum linked resources for students and staff. There are over 19,000 items in the media center including books, magazines, reference, professional materials, special request items and more.

If you are looking for a good book to read, ask Mrs. Bothwell, library technician, she is always happy to help!

The circulation desk is the first and last stop for the students when dropping off and checking out books. The central school student no longer needs to ask for their library card; records are accessed by using the last three numbers of the student’s school computer account.

The Library Media Center has special check out times set aside everyday for students. Students check out once a week during their scheduled class time.

The library classroom is available for use by all teachers. It is equipped with computers and work tables for instruction, projects and assignments.

The floor design of the Library Media Center maximizes available space and provides separate work areas for multiple groups. The LMC can easily accommodate three classes simultaneously.

The spacious general work area can seat up to 40 students. The rocker style library chairs are a favorite of the students at Winfield.

Primary students enjoy an area all to themselves with kid size shelves and kid size tables. Each primary class visits the library once a week for story time and checkout. A variety of media is used to present stories that support the classroom curriculum and celebrate the seasons, holidays and cultures of the community.

The Winfield School Library Media Center is a very special place to all of the staff, students and parents in Winfield School District 34. The refurbished facility is bright and welcoming. The collection of materials supplements and enhances Illinois State Standards and classroom curriculum. The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help.

A Colorado study, conducted by Dr. Keith Curry, director of library research services, found that the size and quality of the school library in terms of its staff and its collection is a direct predictor of reading scores. The Winfield School Library Media Center is a formula for success and the students and community of Winfield are the recipients.


Laura Bothwell - Library Technician


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World Book Online - World Book Online encyclopedia usable by all District 34 staff, students, and families. Contact the LRC for password information by emailing Laura Bothwell or calling 630-909-4972.

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ABC-CLIO- Online Social Studies databases usable by all Distict 34 staff, students, and families. Contact the LRC for password information by emailing

Laura Bothwell or calling 630-909-4972.

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