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At the September 22,2013 Board of Education Meeting the board took action to accept a refunding agreement of prior bonds 2005A and 2005B with a 7/0 vote. This action will save tax payers $158,000 over the next 11 years. The savings will occur in the district’s Debt Service Fund with the Dupage County Clerk lowering the tax bills for all Winfield tax payers starting in 2014 through 2024. This reduction was available by lowering the original interest rates from 5.3% and 4.2% to approximately 3.5%. These bonds were the only district debt which were eligible to refund at this time. Attached below is a breakdown of these savings:

2014  $1,755         2018 $15,185         2022 $16,275

2015 $14,370       2019  $15,460         2023   $16,500

2016  $14,645      2020  $15,730        2024   $17,175

2017  $14,915       2021  $16,000


The most current Prevailing Wagesfor DuPage County effective December 21, 2018 adopted by the Winfield Board of Education.


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