Early Childhood Screening


All children who live in District 34, from birth to age 5, who are not yet enrolled in kindergarten are eligible for this screening. The free screening is conducted to identify children who may have speech, vision, hearing, learning, or behavioral needs.

All parents who are residents of District #34 are encouraged to bring their eligible aged children even if they do not have developmental or behavioral concerns about the child.

The Developmental Screening (ages 0-3) includes a parent interview to complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). If the ASQ finds that the child has areas of concern, the district will refer the child to Child & Family Connections for further evaluation, consultation and, if eligible, specific services. Information on the Child and Family Connections can be found by clicking HERE.

Early Childhood Screenings (ages 3-5) are done by appointment only and are usually about 45 minutes in length, starting at 9:00 A.M. If you wish to schedule an appointment, you may do so by calling Nuvia Hernandez at 630-909-4901. There are a limited number of appointments and they will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The screenings will take place throughout the school year at Winfield Primary School, located at 0S150 Winfield Rd.

The Early Childhood Screening (ages 3-5 years) will involve the child meeting with a professional educator who will ask the child to respond to tasks or questions to evaluate the child’s development and will also meet with the parent/caregiver for their perspectives on the child’s development.

The outcomes of screening may include the assurance that development is within normal range, recommendation for rescreening, or the recommendation of additional evaluation by the School District or Child and Family Connections.

Also available at this screening is information for parents regarding the development of their children specifically the child’s coordination, language development, social skills, physical development, and behavior. Resource and referral information will also be available for parents or DuPage County residents knowing of a child with special needs, so their concerns and questions can be addressed.

WHAT should I expect at the Early Childhood Screening?

  • Teachers and specialists will engage your child in activities to assess readiness, speech-language, and fine/gross motor skills.
  • A Social Worker will discuss with the parent your observations of your child’s abilities and any concerns you have regarding your child’s development.

WHO will work with my child?

  • A Teacher will administer the Brigance screening tool.
  • Our Speech-Language Pathologist will assess speech and language skills by obtaining a spontaneous language samples and portions of the using the Preschool Language Scale 5.
  • Our Social Worker will interview parent using the information you supplied to the questionnaires sent to you prior to the screening.
  • Our School Psychologist will review the Ages and Stages questionnaire completed by parent.

HOW will I know the results of the screening?

  • Exit interview with our social worker
  • A letter will be sent home detailing the results of the screening. Possible outcomes include:
    • No concerns at this time, no follow-up warranted
    • Referral for Prekindergarten Program
    • Referral for Play-Based Assessment

Play-based Assessment

A play-based assessment is completed as a follow-up to our Early Childhood Screening when more information is warranted to determine eligibility for Special Education Services.

WHAT should I expect at a Play-Based Assessment?

  • You and your child will be escorted to a room with toys and activities.
  • The assessment team will observe and engage your child in playful interactions to determine skill levels in the area of gross motor (movement), fine motor, speech and language, social development and play skills in general.
  • You may be interviewed by the social worker regarding developmental milestones and concerns.
  • A vision and hearing screening will be administered.
  • The assessment typically lasts 45-60 minutes.

WHO will work with my child?

  • Winfield 34’s specialists will work with your child. A domain meeting will be held to determine which members complete the assessment. Possible team members include:
    • Speech Language Pathologist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Social Worker
    • School Psychologist
    • Preschool Teacher

HOW will I know the results of the Play-Based Assessment?

  • An Educational Determination Conference (EDC) meeting will be scheduled at your convenience to share results from the Play-Based Assessment and determine eligibility for Special Education services.