Social-Emotional Intervention and Support

In collaboration with school staff, members of the SST support the implementation of a school-wide, proactive approach to meeting the Social-Emotional Learning Standards for all students. All students receive core instruction geared toward promoting a positive climate and actively practicing skills that promote self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and decision making skills for responsible behaviors. SST members partner with school staff and parents to identify students who need additional supports and services to promote positive social-emotional growth.


Second Step is a research-based social-emotional learning (SEL) and bully prevention curriculum used to teach pro-social skills to all students in prekindergarten through 5th grade. Developmentally appropriate lessons teach the core skills of empathy, emotion management and problem solving. Drug abuse prevention education and awareness begins in  5th grade. The Second Step Child Protection program is utilized for the purposes of child safety education from pre-school through 5th grade. The Glencoe Teen Health Series is taught grades 6 through 8.  This curriculum covers a variety of topics that address the social-emotional learning of middle school students, including student safety education as mandated by Erin's Law.


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